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cheap christian louboutin outlet A little childish at that time, I think life can only come to Paris once, and This opportunity did not catch, back to Tianjin, I have not nearly half a month after the dormitory door, I can not accept their own state. Say. From ignorance to gradually build up self-confidence and pride, high hopes for their class Banxiao Heavy fall. But it is difficult to say that defeat in the end is a bad thing or a good thing. In 2007, did not go to Paris internship, clean up the mood of the class began to look for work snow. He voted to The two companies, one in 2004, he had seen the conference in Beijing, the 'exception', the other is Wang Yiyang 's' natural 'China' fashion brand came very late, even if the textile foundry in the early 80 'S already in Guangdong and Zhejiang area to flourish, but when it comes to the designers into a pivotal role in the company, the brand established, it is to In the late 1990s. In 1996, Mao Jihong and his ex-wife Marco in Guangzhou set up an 'exception', the second year, Chen Yifei in Shanghai founded discount christian louboutin shoes

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christian louboutin shoes outlet the 'Yifei clothing', the two brands have become a group of later China 's independent designers of the Enlightenment. Wang Yi-yang and Qiu Hao are once 'Yifei costumes,' the designer, and after they have their own brands, namely 'natural' and 'QIUHAO'. The two companies have hired Ban Xiaoxue, he finally chose to 'exception.' Although Mark has left the 'exception' in 2006, but it does not impede its continued progress in business. In the 'exception' in 5 years, Ban Xiaoxue from the design assistant to start, to the third year, he has been the 'exception' of the main designer. School is just a skin sheet, how to do material development, technology and what kind of process to achieve what kind of effect, these experiences are accumulated in the work, including later to do series, inspiration clothes how to transform this process, Planning, If you 've ever visited the' exception ', or just shop around in it, can feel its distinctive style. For example, its style (for example, its style style, are in the' exception 'to learn. discount christian louboutin